How to make a diet plan that works

Every once in a while, you decide to change your body and be more lean and muscular. You are eager to start with a diet plan and get all the benefits. A few weeks go by and the scale doesn’t move. You try to figure out what is wrong and while being confused, you give up. You have no one to blame and you are getting depressed because it’s your fault.

Well, what about starting again?

What about educating yourself about nutrition and start creating your own diet plan to achieve your own specific goal?

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Body Fat: The Definitive Guide (Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we talked about the physiology of body fat, its different forms and locations found on the human body. This time, we will learn more about why it’s so necessary to keep our body fat down and how to measure it via the most popular scientific methods. On top of that, we got tips at the end as a bonus!

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Body Fat: The Definitive Guide (Part 1)

I suppose we all want good looks, fitness and health, right?

Well everyone wants to have a great body. It’s because among the best indicators of both health and beauty is your body fat. Excessive body fat, especially in obesity levels is associated with serious health risks and also very few sexual partners. Now although it’s not everyone’s goal to have the erotic life of Casanova, having options is a must. Still health is considered the major problem when it comes to body fat.

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