4 Summer Health Hacks For Any Budget

4 Summer Health Hacks For Any Budget

The temperatures are heating up, and whether you want to feel more energized or more comfortable in your swimsuit, starting up a few healthy habits is a pretty common summer activity.

There are many reasons why summer is a time for focusing on health —  there’s more access to ripe fruits and vegetables, more hours of sunshine and more opportunities for outdoor recreation. Do you want to add some of these activities to your routine without spending too much money? Here are five summer health hacks you can do it all on a budget.

Backyard Bootcamp

Getting your body into shape doesn’t require a gym membership or expensive classes — there’s plenty you can do right in your own backyard. From tabata-style HIIT circuit exercises to bodyweight strength training, get some sun (vitamin D is good for mood and bones), while burning calories and building muscle. If you need to purchase some equipment to help you work a little harder, you can save by buying online and using an ebay promo code. From dumbbells to resistance bands, there are many inexpensive, easy ways to elevate your exercise routine.


Try Something New

Summer is a time when many businesses offer special discounts or free classes for first-time participants, so look for an outdoor fitness class that has a “first class free” policy. You can also check out discounts on outdoor adventures through sites like Groupon and other money-saving websites. You can often spend less than $10 to try kayaking, bike rental or yoga in the park. A new fitness element can help your body breakthrough workout plateaus. Plus you can make being more adventurous one of your healthy habits, too.


Visit State Parks and National Forests

Giving yourself a big summer health goal that requires you to meet certain milestones can motivate you to turn an activity into a hobby. For example, maybe you can visit every state park and national forest within a hundred-mile radius. Not only are these parks typically free to get into, but you can also usually camp for free or a small fee — typically under $20. Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or wildlife watching can get your blood pumping and help you relax — remember, nature is known for its benefits for physical and mental health!


Eat Fresh and Local

Summer is the time when local farmers markets explode with flavors, colors, sounds and sweets. Not only is eating local healthier for you and the environment (smaller carbon footprint), but it’s also more affordable. When you buy food in the grocery store, especially organic, you are paying for overhead fees like shipping, storage and operations. At a farmers market, many if not all of those costs are unnecessary. That’s why organic strawberries at Whole Foods wind up costing dollars more than those at the weekend market down the road. Plus, eating locally grown foods means your immune system is getting nutrients it needs to fight illnesses and allergies common to your area.

When it comes to making healthy changes or additions to your life, the key is to start small. You might be tempted to try these amazing, healthy activities all at once, but that might not be sustainable. Just try one new thing every few weeks until you get the hang of it. Make room for it in your life by adding in, as opposed to adding on. That way healthy habits just naturally fall into your current routine, instead of having to make additional time, space and money to get them done.