Fight Obesity with These 6 Tips You’ll Love

Fight Obesity with These 6 Tips You’ll Love

A report out this month highlights the obesity epidemic and shares new evidence that suggests being even moderately overweight can have devastating health consequences. The report, which featured research published by the New England Journal of Medicine, states that those people who stay at their ideal weight live the longest, while patients who pushed even slightly beyond their recommended weight increased their risk of death.

If you’re fighting obesity and the thought of getting to your ideal weight has you overwhelmed, start with these six tips that you can easily learn to love.

Get More Sleep

Dr. Eve Van Cauter’s research published by the National Sleep Foundation suggests that people who don’t get adequate amounts of sleep have physiological abnormalities that can increase both their appetite and their caloric intake. As patients become sleep deprived, their level of an appetite-stimulating hormone known as leptin decreases, and this leaves them vulnerable to overeating. If you’re dealing with sleep issues, focus on some natural home remedies to get started, like decreasing screen time, exercising, darkening the room, adjusting room temperature, and avoiding caffeine and naps.

Adopt Healthier Eating Habits

Most health experts agree that diets don’t work, at least not over the long-term. So instead of getting moody over another diet, focus on a Healthy Eating Plan (HEP) that you can adopt for life. Understand that you can still eat as much as you want by focusing on less calorie-dense foods. So, instead of filling up on ice creams, candies, and fatty steaks, choose lean options like eggs, oatmeal, melon, chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, and fish. And do go ahead with a cheat day each week. One study suggests that after indulging in a high-carbohydrate meal, you’ll be increasing your appetite controlling hormone leptin by 30 percent.

Add Easy Calorie-Burning Activities

There are some easy ways you can start burning calories throughout your day without having to live the sweat life. Here’s four ways to get started.

  1. Lower the room temperature – When your body has to work to keep warm, you’ll be burning calories.
  2. Chew gum – A University of Rhode Island study found that people who chewed gum burned 5 to 8 percent more calories than those that didn’t.
  3. Take the road less traveled – While everyone is hopping on that elevator, take the stairs. While everyone is circling for the nearest parking spot, park in the farthest one.
  4. Use a stability ball instead of your desk chair – A stability ball kills 260 more calories a day than your typical chair.

Strive for Sanity

Stressed people burn fewer calories than their relaxed peers. So, relax and burn calories. Similarly, if you’re living with depression, your likelihood of obesity increases, so make sure you’re tackling mental health issues as part of your overall weight-loss plan.

Look to your health insurance

Aside from standard medical coverage, many insurance providers offer benefits to help people with weight management. Look into your benefits to see what’s afforded to you, whether it’s access to a nutritionist, fitness memberships, or actual weight-loss programs. For seniors with Medicare Advantage plans, you should also review your policy to see what programs are included. For example, if you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes, you’re eligible for the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program, which includes access to support groups, lifestyle coaching, and weight control and exercise strategies.

Bring the Gym Home

Hauling yourself out to a gym after a hard day’s work is burdensome. Instead, have a small gym set up in the comfort of your own home.

According to Shape magazine, you can set up a gym in five easy steps.

  1. Dedicate a spare room, porch, or basement to your home gym.
  2. Give it good fitness feng shui with lots of natural light.
  3. Stock your home gym with inexpensive workout items that you want to use, like resistance bands, foam rollers, a stability ball, kettlebells, and a nice yoga mat for online yoga classes.
  4. Organize the space. You won’t want to go there if it’s in disarray.
  5. Use it.

Fall in Love with the Great Outdoors

Sedentary lifestyles lead to weight issues and increased heart attack and stroke risk, so instead of spending time indoors, find fun, enjoyable activities outside, like gardening, golfing, or hiking. Being outdoors has other health benefits, such as improving focus, boosting your immune system, fighting depression, and improving your outlook on life.

Fighting obesity doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Instead, focus on falling in love with your new lifestyle. This way, you’ll commit for the long-term, not just until you lose 20 pounds.